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When generating dismissals using DGS FIT, there are some issues which have appeared.


The first is the wording in the 4th paragraph at the end of the 1st sentence in the Withdrawal DISM option. The wording should read "file the request" rather than "file the file".


The other issue is pertaining to all dismissals. QA has brought up the aspect of needing to add the application date(s) as well as the initial denial date. While these dates are populated in the template, they are not carried over to the dismissal wording. An example of some language for this is:

"The claimant applied for Disability Insurance Benefits and Supplemental Security Income January 10, 2014, which was denied at the initial determination level August 8, 2014." (This is for a concurrent case but based on the input into the template the wording would reflect the proper language.) Currently I am resorting to having a separate document open while working on dismissals for this wording.


If these could be adapted into DGS that would help in reducing QA review returns as well as the possibility of remands.



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