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Monthly wage reporting over the phone, automation & forms

I report my son's monthly wage via the automated phone service. I have had a on going problem when it comes to the part where they ask you to "say and spells your last name" after saying and spelling my last name I am asked to do it again and then again, sometimes even a 3rd time. Then after the 3rd time it says "check the information and call back later". It's very aggravating and it happens usually 8 out of 10 calls! I don't know why it doesn't understand the name and spelling, it's only two syllables. And it's very frustrating to repeat over & over and most of the time have to call back. The system use to work fine until I noticed they now have a male automated voice. SS also use to send out a wage reporting packet (12 mths) yearly forms to calculate & keep a record that I thought was very helpful! So my suggestion would be, make the automated system work more accurately and send out the 12 math forms again. Also my local office has been very rude regarding both of this matters.



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