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US Patent for Senior Citizens and Handicap

To whom it may concern:

The reason that drives me to write to you at this present moment is that I have been granted a US patent. The original thought that brought us to develop this idea (which was approved due to how practical, useful, and innovated). This idea originated thinking on how the lives of senior citizens or handicap persons can be improved. The idea deals with a disposable cellular holder of easy use for older persons that live on their own, which they rely on their cellular phones for possible emergency situations, that can be at reach all the time, even when they are in the bathroom, kitchen, yard, hospital, transport service, or out of their home.

We are starting our work to promote the product with our government, since its cost is extremely inexpensive and with great benefits. We believe that accidents can be avoided with senior citizens or persons physically handicap, that try to reach out or find their cellular phones. As well as having their cellular phones handy in case of an emergency.

By all of this, we are requesting an opportunity to present our idea to the person or department in the USA government that can evaluate and value the merits of this product.

We can be reached preferably via email: , otherwise to the phone # 786-797-8197.



Alfredo Gomez



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